2290 PreFile started with Tax2290.com

We’re back with the PRE-File 2290 option, opening our website to truckers enabling them to prefile their 2290 returns well in advance. June 1st is our 1st day, where we encourage our 2290 users to prefile and complete the 2290 returns. Early bird filing option to get it  done in simple, easy and fast steps.

The IRS has never rewarded any Tax Payer for Filing and Paying their Taxes on time But Being an IRS Authorized E-file Service Provider for a Decade we always appreciate and try to reward Our Customers who E-file their Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) On time. Likewise we offer a FLAT 10% Discount on our Efile Preparation Fee for those who Pre-File their HVUT Form 2290 beginning June 01st till June 15th. You can avail this Discount by applying the promo code “PREFILE2018”. The small that we charge gets even smaller with the discount. One can save up to $40 using this Promo Code.