Easiest Way to Report Federal Excise Tax Refund Claims

IRS Tax Form 8849 is used to Claim Refund on Federal Excise Taxes paid by attaching Schedules 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 based on the type of claim and purpose of claim, precisely the fuel tax refund claims.

Why to file Form 8849?

Most taxpayers file a refund claim if they owe it from the IRS on the federal excise taxes that have been paid; could be a refund from an overpayment of tax than the liabilities or claim on a heavy vehicle use tax. You must file your return to claim the difference that you owe back from the IRS.

Who must file Form 8849?

Any taxpayer who owe a refund for the federal excise taxes paid can claim a refund by reporting IRS Form 8849 by attaching a right Schedule. Form 8849 refund claims can be made online or electronically to expedite the claim process.

How long it takes to get refunds?

Refunds for an electronically filed Form 8849, with Schedule 2, 3 or 8, will be processed within 20 days of acceptance by the IRS. All other Form 8849 schedules like 1, 5 or 6, will be processed within 45 days of acceptance.

How to file Form 8849?

Refund claim Form 8849 can be filed manually as a paper return or electronically through internet by accessing commercial tax software products like TaxExcise.com by paying a minimal service fee. E-file is astonishingly FAST and ACCURATE, reaches IRS in just a few minutes.

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