Federal Excise Tax Claims online using IRS Refund Claim Form 8849 and Schedules 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8.

Use form 8849 Schedule 1 claims’ for non-taxable use of gasoline, non-taxable use of aviation gasoline, non-taxable use of undyed diesel fuel, non-taxable use of undyed kerosene, kerosene used in aviation, non-taxable use of alternative fuel, non-taxable use of a diesel-water fuel emission, and exported dyed fuels and gasoline blend-stocks.

If you are a registered ultimate vendor use form 8849 Schedule 2 claims for undyed diesel fuel, kerosene, and undyed kerosene that have been used in aviation, gasoline, and aviation gasoline.

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Form 8849 Schedule 3 claims is used to claim credits that are alcohol fuel mixture credit, biodiesel or renewable diesel mixture credit, and alternative fuel mixture credit.

Form 8849 Schedule 5 claims is used for refund of second tax filed for various fuel types such as aviation gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, diesel-water fuel emulsion, kerosene for aviation use, kerosene for commercial aviation use, diesel fuel, and gasoline.

Use form 8849 Schedule 6 for all other claims reported in Form 2290, Form 720, Form 730, and Form 11-C.

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