Federal Excise Tax eFiling for 2020 will start this April

The country is facing unprecedented times of this coronavirus pandemic, business across the country is facing challenges to keep it operational. The IRS has extended the deadline for reporting and paying income taxes till July 15, 2020. The front line workers and the federal bodies are working hard and fighting against the spread of the virus. There were many states announced lockdown as a measure to control the spread. The WHO and the national and local health authorities has issued guidance to stay safe and to stop the spread. We at TaxExcise.com have developed a contingency and business continuity plan during this outbreak of COVID-19 to ensure all our resources are at your assistance for your federal tax e-filing needs. We can be reached at our Help Desk number 1-866-245-3918 or email us at support@taxexcise.com or use the live chat support available on the website to connect with us. We’re available on all Business days between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time.

The time has come for the businesses that reportes Federal Excise Taxes for this 2020. Federal Excise Tax Form 720 filing for the 2020 year going to start this April for the 1st Quarter. Business that reports and pays Federal Quarterly Excise Tax can do that electronically at TaxExcise.com. We’re an IRS Authorized electronic filing service provider, in fact the only website to support electronic filing for all the Federal Excise Tax Forms at one place. We’re working to provide with the best possible support for businesses that needs help in reporting the taxes online. IRS has stopped processing paper returns and the IRS support centers are closed, reminds taxpayers and tax professionals to use electronic options to support social distancing and speed the processing of tax returns, refunds and payments.