File Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Returns Online at

The Federal Excise Tax returns can be prepared and reported online through the IRS authorized e-file provider, the only website to support e-file for Federal Excise Tax returns. The top website also supports IFTA Fuel Use Tax preparation and Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 eFile.

The quarterly federal excise taxes that you have collected through the 1st quarter of 2018 is reported in Tax Form 720, with the IRS at end of the quarter, April 30 is the due date. Preparing this quarterly federal excise tax returns is now made simple, easy and fast; in 3 simple steps you can complete preparing your tax returnĀ  by answering simple interview questions.

Electronic filing is easy and simple, fast and safe, affordable and inexpensive. What are you waiting for, you can start preparing your federal excise tax returns today at, try for free. We won’t be asking for your card information upfront, you can give it a try, once you’re done and ready to eFile or Print, pay for the service.

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