New Year and a new beginning with electronic filing at

I take this moment to wish you all a great year 2020. Let this new year be a great beginning for you and start reporting your tax returns electronically. The businesses that comes under federal excise tax liabilities can report the Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Form 720 online at, the only website authorized by the IRS to support efile.

For many Americans, the most dreaded time of year is tax time. Even if you’re getting a refund, that task of gathering the documents needed to file your return can be tedious. But get ready. Tax season is about to begin.
The IRS announced that it will start accepting 2019 tax returns on January 27, 2020. That’s a day earlier than last year. For now the last quarter of 2019, that is the 4th quarter of 2019’s federal excise taxes are due. January 31 is the last date to report and pay the taxes with the IRS.

Federal Excise Tax Filing

Starting with to eFile Federal Excise Tax returns is easy, fast and safe. Register and create a personalized user account, add your business details, choose the form that you would like to efile and start with your tax return. Just answer the questions that the website prompts and complete your tax return preparation in minutes. Choose eFile and verify the tax information. Pay the service fee and submit the return for processing with the IRS. This quarterly returns is due by end of every quarter, this time it is for the 4th quarter of 2019.

The one-stop run for your Excise Tax Reporting.

The dedicated support desk to walk you through the process and to eFile your federal excise tax returns, we’re by your sides to make sure you have everything that is required to complete a tax return online. Excise tax eFiling make it easy for you to manage the tax returns at one place, the digital records for reference and proof, get instant access to it. At a reasonable and affordable price you can prepare and report your tax returns by yourself. TaxExcise has been rated top for quality service since 2007 and we’re already working with thousands of taxpayers to report the Federal Excise Tax returns over the years, you be the one to