2nd Quarter Federal Excise Tax Due this July try electronic filing

Federal Excise Tax Form 720 is reported and paid (if any) by end of each quarter, it is time for 2nd Quarter Form 720 reporting. If you have any difference you may also pay the tax online using IRS approved commercial software provider for all Federal Excise Tax Forms, http://TaxExcise.com. The only website to support […]

Form 720, FET (Federal Excise Tax) return online

The Federal Excise Tax return or the FET can be prepared and filed electronically with the IRS. Use http://TaxExcise.com to e-file Excise Tax Returns at end of every quarter. Form 720 or the Federal Excise Tax returns used to prepared and file the excise taxes collected for sale of a service or goods sold. Excise taxes are […]