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TaxExcise.com is the best and most experienced service to complete and report the Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Form 720 with the IRS in 3 simple steps. Electronic filing makes tax filing easy and time saving, instant acknowledgement means a lot while working with the Federal Agencies. TaxExcise.com brings you the technology that enhance your tax preparation experience, tax reporting and records keeping. We have a full service tax help desk that can walk you through the process, guide you on your tax form, help you with electronic filing. TaxExcise makes it affordable, no upfront fee, pay only when you efile or print a tax return. Don’t delay further, move on with electronic filing to simplify your tax process.

Quarterly Federal Excise Tax efile

Federal Quarterly Excise Tax Form 720 – Electronic Filing

The Quarterly Excise Taxes is reported and paid to the IRS using the Tax Form 720. As the name indicates it is a quarterly calculated tax on business that collects from its users on offering a service or selling goods. The federal excise tax returns can be electronically completed and reported to the the IRS at TaxExcise.com.

The Quarterly Excise Taxes Electronic filing with TaxExcise is the most trusted way of reporting taxes, as it saves lot of time preparing the tax returns and money spent on tax preparation. No need to buy any software to install in your computer, you can just connect to the website and start preparing the tax returns. Create a personalized account with your email and start receiving remainder alerts and notifications of your tax returns on-time. Records keeping is easy and safe, you can access your documents anytime from anywhere.

IRS e-file has become the most used option for filing individual and business tax returns. The IRS will confirm receipt of your return within minutes usually and it might take upto 48 hours as defined by the IRS. E-filers receive refunds in about half the time as do paper filers—even faster. E-file also offers the convenience of filing tax returns early and delaying payments owed until the due date.

Federal Excise Tax Refund Claims – Form 8849 – Electronic Filing

The refunds or claims on your federal excise taxes can be made electronically using TaxExcise, you can fast phase your Federal Refunds while you electronically report it. There are different schedules used to differentiate your claims and attach the relevant documents to ease your refund processes.

Processing Delays for Paper Forms 8849, Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes

Due to the pandemic, we experienced delays in processing paper federal Excise tax forms, including Form 8849. Although the backlog of returns has been reduced, we are still working as quickly as possible to resolve the remaining inventory. Do not file duplicate forms, but for future filings we encourage taxpayers to consider the ease, convenience and speed of electronically filing Forms 720, 2290, and 8849.

Electronic Filing at TaxExcise.com

E-file makes everything possible, you could start a tax return now and finish it anytime checking back into your account, we save your return from where you left. No need to enter everything again in to the return. Not only that, Tax returns can be prepared anywhere anytime from your home or office computer, complete it from your mobile and tablet devices and smart phones.

Talk to us at (866) 245 – 3918 or write to us at support@taxexcise.com for any support, you may also connect with your agents through our LIVE Chat from the website. We’re there to work with you to enable electronic filing for all your federal excise taxes at one place.

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