Time is running fast you have just 48 hours to report 2290 HVUT returns for 2018

It’s time for your 2290 tax form renewal, the heavy highway vehicle use tax is required to be paid annually to the IRS for every truck that drives on public highways and weighs over 55,000 lbs. Once you file your IRS Tax Form 2290, a Stamped Schedule 1 will be provided to you as your receipt for this heavy highway vehicle use tax. A printed copy is required to register your vehicles each year with the state authorities. A copy of the IRS stamped Schedule 1 for the current year available on your account so you can always have access to it.

August 31 – Deadline for IRS Tax Form 2290 to report the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Returns with the IRS for 2018-19 Tax Year. Try e-file at TaxExcise.com and collect your IRS watermarked Schedule-1 proof in minutes. 

Due date for 2290 is Aug 31

Electronic filing is by and large the best way of reporting 2290 heavy vehicle use tax returns with the IRS and through TaxExcise.com you get the best available resources. The most trusted and rated website since 2007.

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